If you opt to participate in the Patient Care Assistant Program at FCFTI you will have made a great choice. Our program includes 130 hours of clinical instruction and 170 hours of laboratory instruction. The program includes Nursing Assistant, Phlebotomy as well as EKG.

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View the program brochure below. It is also available for download.

At Faith Christian Fellowship Training Institute, we believe no mind should go to waste. Our mission is therefore to train, develop and prepare students who meet basic academic requirements to become skilled and employable individuals in the health care industry; to give interested, dedicated and motivated individuals an opportunity to achieve their career goals, and to become productive members of society. 

Course Offerings

Additional Training

FCFTI offers Three (3) diploma courses as well as training and updates in several fields. The diploma courses are: 


  • Home Health Aid (HHA)
  • Phlebotomy
  • Patient Care Assistant (PCA)

For more information about these programs or for course listings, please download a copy of the FCFTI Course Catalog (PDF) below.

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We also offer updates in: Medication, HIV/AIDS, Operational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Domestic Violence Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Alzheimer's and First aid.

Patient Care Assistants

Home Health Aides

​​​Faith Christian FellowshipTraining Institute

​Nursing School in Fort Lauderdale

Patient Care Assistants are assigned responsibilities for providing direct and indirect nursing care or outreach services in clinics, hospitals, institutions or home settings under nursing or medial supervision. This includes performing duties such as taking vital signs, obtaining lad specimens, charting, escorting patients, assisting with activities of daily living and ordering and receiving supplies among much, much more. Learn more about the work of Patient Care Assistants here.

Home Health Aides work with elderly or disabled persons who need more extensive care than family or friends can provide. Some help discharged hospital patients who have relatively short-terms needs. 

Home health aides work in pateients' homes or residential care facilities. Nursing aides and  Home Health aides are among occupations commonly referred to as direct care workers, due to their role in working with patients who need long-term care. The specific care they give depends on their specialty.​

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FCFTI Program Booklet 


At FCFTI you receive hands-on instruction and clinical training from highly competent and knowledgeable instructors.  With just 180 hours of instruction you will be employable in hospitals, private clinics and physician office labs.

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To date, the phlebotomy program at FCFTI has graduated more than (NUMBER) students. With the head-start these graduates received from FCFTI, some have gone on to work immediately out of school while others have gone on to further their studies. The need for phlebotomists is ever growing and FCFTI offers the quality education you need while keep it at an affordable cost to you. For enrollment information, see our  ADMISSIONS  pages or contact our offices, here.

View the program brochure below. It is also available for download.